Social advertising made simple.

SimpleAd helps connect influential social media with awesome brands.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the simplest and most effective form of advertising, and social advertising has become the new word of mouth for the digital age.

Trusted Reputation

Anyone can easily pay to post an untrustworthy banner ad across thousands of sites, but your trusted reputation is at stake when you advertise socially.

Approval Process

Once an advertiser makes a purchase they must first be approved, and once approved the advertiser must also approve the ad before any payments are transferred.

Improved search rankings and sales growth for advertisers.

Not only will advertisers experience an increase in sales, but also improved rankings on search engines.

Search Traffic Total Sales

Social advertising provides long term return on investment.

Our Mission

We help make advertising personable and more responsible than traditional forms of advertising enabling people to gain stainable income just by telling others about exciting products and services they like via almost any social platform.

Simple and fair pricing for publishers. The way it should be.

5% and only 5%
  • No monthly fees.
  • No nickel and dimming.
  • No tricky contracts.
  • No gimmicks.
  • Just a simple 5% fee.

5% helps cover costs and only a small amount is actually profited from publisher earnings.

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